Coffee beans – Crema

Coffee blend 50% Arabica – 50% Robusta. Suitable for those who like persistent taste, for a cup that gives the charge. Strong blend with sweet perceptions of fruit and spices, a pleasantly flowery aroma with hints of almonds and grass. Full body with a long gianduiotto aftertaste.

Coffee beans – Strong

Coffee blend 30% Arabica – 70% Robusta. Appreciated by all, the classic Italian Espresso. Sweetly floral fragrance with a round and sweet flavor.

Caffè in grani – Arabic

Blend of coffee beans 70% – Arabica 30% robusta, for those who love to have lots of coffees and never say enough…. Delicate and sweet blend, citrus with flavors of dark chocolate, pepper and malt, delicately acidic with a creamy and buttery finish. Markedly scented.

Decaro Coffee Capsule

Single-serving espresso coffee

Decaffeinated Espresso Coffee Pod

It blends the precious qualities of coffee, roasted and ground, packaged in a protective atmosphere, single-dose pod.

Espresso Cream Pod

It blends the precious qualities of coffee, roasted and ground, packaged in a protective atmosphere, single-dose pod.

Nespresso compatible capsule

Single-serving espresso coffee

Bialetti compatible capsule

Single-serving espresso coffee

Capsule system A Modo Mio

Capsule system Dolce Gusto


The entire production system (from the purchase of the raw material to its withdrawal from the warehouse, to the roasting times, to the packaging, to the composition of the blend, to the preparation of deliveries) is governed by telematic programs specifically identified and customized for the DEC ARTIGIANA .

The master roaster, with his staff, designs the blends that must be prepared to make the most of the appropriate responses to the consumer in order to: Appearance, Taste, Flavor.

This staff also includes the quality manager in accordance with the ISO 9001: 2015 standard. He then proceeds to purchase the raw coffee that best meets the designed blends and, upon arrival, checks that they comply with the

request. It then moves on to the most important phase for obtaining a high quality product: ROASTING.

The master roaster interacts with the machine so that a real dialogue can be initiated between the two entities. It manages the machine and, in particular, the “roasting curve”. Constantly checks the heat and the time to be devoted to cooking so that the finished product is actually what the final consumer would like to find in the cup. Finally, he concludes his work with another very important moment of production: THE COOLING.

This is the phase in which the coffee gets rid of part of the carbon dioxide present in it. The persistence of the aroma in each grain and the preservation of the characteristics that follow roasting are essential consequences of an excellent level of cooling.

Even the cream that will be found in the cup will be the logical consequence of proper degassing.

After roasting, the production staff takes care of the subsequent tests and analyzes, and of the packaging and storage.