The production of Decaro Caffè is purely artisanal.
The manufacturing process is carefully controlled in every single phase in order to keep the aromas and active ingredients of each single grain intact.
The blends are designed to meet all consumer needs.

The story of Dec. Artigiana was born from an idea of the two brothers Decaro Francesco and Valentino, former entrepreneurs in another sector, who wanted to link their desire to create an activity that will mark the their story and that of their children and grandchildren.

A journey to discover coffee crops, first in Jamaica and Guatemala, then in Brazil to grasp the experience of harvesting ripe berries with the Picking method that allows you to select only the fruits that have reached perfect ripeness, thus discarding the unripe drupes or not suitable.

This journey was the spark for Francesco and Valentino, who gave rise to DEC ARTIGIANA which today is one of the youngest Apulian companies in the field of roasting, packaging and marketing of roasted coffee.

Life is a beautiful and endless
journey in search of the perfect cup of coffee

Barbara A. Daniels

In a market characterized by the presence of small and medium-sized roasting facilities, the Decaro brothers have decided to position themselves at a level that will necessarily lead them to a primary location.
For this reason I am always looking for the best productions of raw coffee harvested with the PIKING method and worked with the LAVATO method so that the appropriate blends can be made based on the project of the master roaster.

This is because their customer DeCaro is to be found in the ambit of coffee lovers, who are looking for a product full of personality and capable of enhancing, in the cup, its acidity and its aromas and is able to give particular sensations and, in the at the same time, intense.

The most demanding target of the national market was easily reached thanks to the presence of three essential components:
· Skilful blends suitable for very different but particularly refined palates and always in search of the particular;
· An excellent commercial area that has been able to implement the necessary strategies to give rise to the actual knowledge of the product by the potential customer;
· Methodical and careful attention to customer expectations, especially in the post-sales period.

Currently DEC ARTIGIANA has decided to focus its attention also on the European market, certain of receiving the appropriate appreciation and, for this reason, it is building the new plant that will become a flagship in the production area of ​​its territory.